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Authors: Filip Dragović and Robert Mikac, Ph.D., Croatia
Published in: per Concordiam, Volume 3, Issue 2

The article is dealing with migration from Afghanistan in the direction of Europe, which, until recently, wasn’t considered a serious issue because of the large distances and small number of immigrants.

Today, Afghans represent one of the largest groups of immigrants in Europe and, with more heading toward the continent. Considering Afghanistan’s part in global security and the large numbers of Afghans trying to get into Europe, the related challenges need analysis.

This is especially important if the situation in Afghanistan isn’t stabilizing, but rather is radicalizing, and when individuals and small groups represent a significant security risk. Under the influence of globalization, increased mobility and information availability, immigration is growing fast. The challenges of migration have never been so great and diverse, with so many subjects included in the migration flows.

Europe finds itself at the forefront of the great challenge of immigration, both because it needs immigrants and because it must deal with various security challenges and threats.


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